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Nutrition Assessment

Nine offers private and personalized one to one nutritional consultations to help clients achieve optimal health and wellness. Each client will receive a bespoke package developed according to their specific health goals and needs.

Examples of health conditions that can be supported with nutritional therapy include: allergies/food sensitivities, healthy skin, respiratory conditions, weight management, nutrition during pregnancy, mood symptoms, poor energy and good quality sleep, managing stress, healthy eating and digestive wellness.

All consultations will be carried out by our fully registered, qualified and experienced nutritional therapist.

What to expect:-

Nutritional assessment:

All new clients will be asked to attend a nutritional assessment. This is designed to discuss your individual health goals and requirements, and to discuss how nutritional therapy could benefit you. Assessments will last between 20-30 minutes.

After your assessment:

You will be asked to complete a comprehensive health and wellness questionnaire and food diary. Each question has been carefully designed to gather key information about your symptoms, health history and dietary habits. This will be analyzed before your first appointment.

During your first appointment:

Your nutritional therapist will discuss the results of your case analysis. Your nutritional therapist will then build your personalized health plan based on your individual symptoms, lifestyle, goals, likes and dislikes. The plan will be built with you so it is achievable and realistic, as well as nourishing and balanced. It may suggest changes to your diet and lifestyle, recommend tests and/or nutritional supplements depending on your case. Together, you will also agree a plan of appointments needed to achieve your goals.

Follow up appointments:

This is an opportunity to make changes to your individual nutritional plan and to assess your progress.

6 Week Post Partum Weight Loss Program

Join our 6 week programme designed by our dedicated nutritional therapist to be simple and fit into your busy life as a mum.

Suitable 16 weeks postpartum.

What you get:

  • 6 weekly group sessions designed and facilitated by our dedicated registered nutritional therapist.
  • Programmes built on the latest evidence based nutritional and scientific research.
  • Motivation through an increased knowledge of eating and nutrition that can benefit the whole family.
  • Suggested meals, recipes and shopping lists to make the programme easy to follow.
  • An opportunity to build friendships and gain support from other mums in the group.
  • Benefit from a small group environment.
  • No extreme or very restrictive meal plans. No foods are forbidden!
  • No need to count calories or points.
  • No products, bars or shakes needed for the programme.
  • No hidden costs.


Disclaimer: Nutritional therapy does not diagnose, treat or cure but is a recognized complementary medicine. Simple dietary and lifestyle changes can have a positive impact and improve your health.


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