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This staff at NINE believes that breastfeeding is the healthiest way for a woman to feed her baby and recognizes the important health benefits now known to exist for both the mother and her child.

All mothers have the right to receive clear and impartial information to enable them to make a fully informed choice as to how they feed and care for their babies. Our staff will not discriminate against any woman in her chosen method of infant feeding and will fully support her when she has made that choice.

We will ensure that the health benefits of breast feeding and the potential health risks of formula feeding are discussed with all women and their families as appropriate, so that you can make an informed choice about how you will feed their babies.


  • It is mandatory that all staff adhere to this policy to avoid conflicting advice. Any deviation from the policy must be justified and recorded in the mothers and baby’s health care records. The policy should be implemented in conjunction with NINE breastfeeding Guidelines and the parents’ guide to the policy.
  • It is the responsibility of all health care professionals to refer the baby for medical opinion if concerns arise about the baby’s health.
  • Staff attending breastfeeding mothers are not permitted to recommend or advertise breast milk substitutes, feeding bottles, teats or dummies.
  • No literature provided by manufacturers of breast milk substitutes is permitted. Educational materials for distribution to women or their families must be approved by the lead professional.
  • Parents who have made a fully informed choice to feed their babies artificially should be shown hygiene, sterilization of equipment and adhering to manufacturer instructions regarding reconstitution of formula.

We have created several services to provide the optimal support for breastfeeding mothers.


Our childbirth classes educate couples about the benefits of breastfeeding and provide you with helpful tips to get feeding off to a good start. 



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