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Prenatal Yoga

Prenatal yoga can be started from 13 weeks pf pregnancy and continue until you go into labor. All our classes are suitable for all levels and no previous yoga experience is required. You do NOT need to be flexible or even fit to attend prenatal yoga classes.

It is all about becoming BIRTH FIT! Prenatal yoga classes compliment birthing ball yoga and if you already have an established fitness practice then you will enjoy birthing ball aerobics as well.

Yoga during pregnancy is a very safe and enjoyable way of keeping fit and healthy. The emphasis on breathing makes space for the internal organs, instills mindfulness, draws a higher level of oxygen into the womb and deepens the mother and baby bond; for you share one breath.

Birthing Ball Yoga

This yoga class is done using a birthing ball, giving you an opportunity to practice using the ball and demonstrating different positions that are useful during labor and childbirth. You will increase stability, mobility and flexibility whilst stretching and moving on the ball.

This class perfectly compliments prenatal yoga classes and is suitable for all levels from 13 weeks until you go into labor.

Birthing Ball Aerobics

This class is a lot more active and dynamic than birthing ball yoga and prenatal yoga and is perfect if you looking for a more challenging cardiovascular workout.

It compliments all other prenatal classes but the focus is on maintaining a level of physical fitness during pregnancy if you had an established fitness practice before pregnancy.

Post Natal Yoga (with baby)

Our Postnatal Yoga class is suitable for all mothers, including those who have given birth by caesarean and can be started from 6 weeks after birth.

The focus of the class is on gentle breathing and stretching to rebuild core strength but babies are welcome to attend and our instructor will guide you to interact with your baby while still getting a workout.

Suitable for moms to bring babies from 6 weeks until they start crawling and then its time to graduate to the next class (crawling) and moms to start attending on their own (intro or advanced hatha).


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